Breakfast Sausage code 402

Breakfast Sausage code 402 image

Product Code : 402

$96.00 / Case
Items per pack 8
Number of packs per case 12
Total Items per case 12
Cost per serving $1.00

Breakfast Sausages

Grass Fed, Grass Finished raised with out added hormones or antibiotics. All animals raised Free Range and animal welfare verified. 

These GLUTEN FREE  Artisan sausages "kickn' it old school”  with a clean ingredient deck that you can pronounce all of the ingredients. No fillers, sugar, phosphates, nitrates, artificial colours, msg, soy or gluten. Perfect for the grill or as a frying sausage anytime of the day

Ingredients: Grass Fed Beef, sea salt, spices, garlic

8 sausages per pack, 12 packs per case