It’s our future.

regenerationOur land, water systems, wildlife and resources are at the foundation of providing a good home for our cattle, our families and producers. We recognize that we are all connected and have a responsibility to be the best stewards we can so we may pass down to future generations our land and resources that are healthy and sustainable.

Our producers plan carefully and implement many practices to enhance the quality of our soil, the purity of our water and provide eco systems that increase wildlife and biodiversity.

  • Top Grass cattle roam freely eating lush grasses and fertilizing pastures that contribute to more grass production and storage of carbon. Growing grass removes carbon dioxide from the air improving the quality of the soil while reducing the overall carbon footprint
  • Top Grass cattle are raised on grasses and forages reducing the need for fossil fueled equipment.
  • Top Grass cattle do not have large concentrations of manure, as you would find in feedlots that cause air pollution and water pollution
  • Top Grass cattle graze on grass and forages free from herbicides and pesticides
  • Top Grass cattle roam native pastures high in biodiversity and are important homes to various species of birds and wildlife.

To view a perspective on how cattle and grasslands can contribute to improved climate change and environment, please watch the videos below provided by the Savory Institute and Ted X.