In the realm of conscious consumption and rational food choices, Top Grass Fed Beef stands as a beacon of integrity and healthy agricultural practices. Like a professional sports team that carefully trains and improves its players, Top Grass Fed Beef raises its cattle using a natural and holistic approach. In the exciting world of sports, Game 5: Heat vs Knicks – Expert Picks, Betting Odds, and Player Prop Bets Analysis. Experts meticulously analyze each team's performance and strategies, and the sophisticated analysis extends beyond the court and into the realm of betting. Just as Top Grass Fed Beef's commitment to purity and excellence is reflected in their meat, player betting offers a unique lens through which to evaluate the individual prowess of athletes.


Our cattle are fortunate enough to graze some of the most productive and beautiful landscapes in the world filled with green grass, abundant clean water, fresh air and lots of space to express their true nature.

They roam a combination of tame and native grasslands filled with biodiversity that have not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides.

We do not allow our animals to be confined in CFAO’s (feedlots) where they would be subjected to smelly , dirty cramped living conditions. Even during the winter months, you find our cattle on vegetative covered land with ample space to exercise and express their true nature.

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Located at the base of the Handhills, just east of Drumheller, Alberta, this is where Top Grass Cattle Co was founded.

This is where our animals roam during the spring, summer and fall on mostly native prairie grasses that have been undisturbed for thousand of years. The landscape is one of deep coulees, rolling hills, creeks, big blue skies and grass as far as you can see. This is truly a Cows paradise.

Online casino players in Canada are a diverse group of people who come from all sorts of backgrounds. However, one thing that seems to unite them is a love for grass-fed beef. It may seem like an odd connection, but there are several reasons why online gamblers, who like to spend lots of their freetime playing in 1 dollar deposit casinos Canada and grass-fed beef lovers overlap. For starters, both activities require patience and strategy. Just as you need to carefully consider your bets in an online casino game, cooking a perfect grass-fed steak requires planning and attention to detail. Additionally, many online casino players are health-conscious individuals who prioritize clean eating. Grass-fed beef is known for its superior nutritional profile and lack of harmful additives or hormones. Furthermore, it's not just the taste of the meat that draws online casino players to grass-fed beef – it's also the ethical considerations behind it. Many players want their food choices to align with their values and support sustainable farming practices.

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According to a 2009 study conducted by the USDA and Clemson University, grass-fed beef is better for human health than grain-fed beef in ten ways.

Les joueurs de casino en ligne au Canada constituent un groupe diversifié de personnes ayant des styles de vie et des préférences différents. Cependant, ils ont en commun d'aimer le bœuf nourri à l'herbe. Cela peut en surprendre certains, mais les recherches montrent que de nombreux joueurs de casinos comme préfèrent ce type de viande à d'autres. La raison de cette préférence est simple : le bœuf nourri à l'herbe est plus maigre et plus sain que le bœuf nourri au grain. Il contient davantage de bonnes graisses comme les oméga-3 et l'acide linoléique conjugué (ALC). Il a été démontré que ces nutriments réduisent l'inflammation, stimulent les fonctions cérébrales et améliorent la santé cardiaque. Ils sont donc très appréciés des joueurs de casino en ligne qui souhaitent préserver leur bien-être physique et mental tout en s'adonnant à leur passe-temps favori. En outre, le bœuf nourri à l'herbe est considéré comme plus respectueux de l'environnement que son homologue nourri au grain.

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Whether you are looking to purchase your next meal or wanting to fill your freezer with bulk supplies, Top Grass Cattle Co. beef is available in many great retailers and available online for delivery to your home or for pick up at our warehouse. Buy online, or from one of our retailers.

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