Raised with Care

Free Range

Our cattle are fortunate enough to graze some of the most productive and beautiful landscapes in the world filled with green grass, abundant clean water, fresh air and lots of space to express their true nature.

They roam a combination of tame and native grasslands filled with biodiversity that have not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides.

We do not allow our animals to be confined in CFAO’s (feedlots) where they would be subjected to smelly , dirty cramped living conditions. Even during the winter months, you find our cattle on vegetative covered land with ample space to exercise and express their true nature.

Top Nutrition

As our animals reach the finishing phase we practice rotational grazing to allow the animals to select the top 40% of the grass for optimal nutrition. They are then moved to fresh new pastures to select the next best of the best.

During the non-growing season, we provide our animals with grasses/forages that were harvested during the summer when they peak in nutritional levels and store them for winter use. The nutritional levels of these stored feeds can equal or exceed those during the summer months if harvested properly.

Just as we are what we eat, our animals are as well. Only the Top forage based diet is provided.

Back to basics

We choose to raise our animals without hormones, antibiotics, animal by products or grain as nature intended. We feel that not only does it provide a healthy, tasty product for our customers; it also is best for the animals.

There are times however an animal will get sick and we will not let them suffer. In these cases, we will administer antibiotics to the animals and they will be taken out of the Top Grass Program so you can be assured the animal’s health is taken care of and so is yours.

Animal Welfare

It is with the highest regard and respect to our cattle that we do our best to provide them with the best in nutrition, shelter and animal care. Our animals are not only our source of income but play a huge part in sustaining and enhancing our lives. They deserve to be treated with respect and we are continually learning and practicing the best in animal husbandry and low stress handling systems.