Seasoned Hamburger Patties - 5 oz-code 60021

Seasoned Hamburger Patties - 5 oz-code 60021 image

Product Code : 60021

$113.00 / Case
Items per pack 4
Number of packs per case 12
Total Items per case 48
Cost per serving $2.35

Our burgers consist of simple ingredients that compliment the savory flavor of our beef. Ingredients are: Beef, water, mustard, sea salt, cracked black pepper, rosemary extract. NO GLUTEN or fillers are added. For best cooking results, cook from frozen, 5-6 minutes per side or until an internal temperature of at least 71 degrees C (160 F) is reached. There are 4- 5 oz burgers per box that can be taken out individually and cooked from frozen.