Pepperoni code 406

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Product Code : 406

$108.00 / Case
Items per pack 6
Number of packs per case 12
Total Items per case 12
Cost per serving $1.50


Grass Fed, Grass Finished raised with out added hormones or antibiotics. All animals raised Free Range and animal welfare verified. 

These GLUTEN FREE  Artisan sausages "kickn' it old school”  with a clean ingredient deck that you can pronounce all of the ingredients. No fillers, sugar, phosphates, nitrates, artificial colours, msg, soy or gluten

Our gluten-free pepperoni sausages, crafted from grass-fed beef, have become a hit among sports stars, and it's easy to see why. Packed with flavor and crafted with care, these sausages offer a delicious and wholesome option for athletes who prioritize both taste and quality in their diets. The gluten-free aspect adds another layer of appeal for those with dietary restrictions or those simply looking for a cleaner, healthier option. Our pepperoni sausages cater to a diverse range of tastes and dietary needs, making them a versatile and satisfying choice for sports stars who are mindful of what they consume, which also be sure to find more about at

Ingredients: Grass Fed Beef, sea salt, spices, garlic, starter culture, swiss chard, rosemary, natural smoke

High in protein and all of the goodness to fuel your day or road trip

6 per pack, 12 packs per case